Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chakwal in the eyes of history

History of Chakwal

Chakwal was given the status of Tehsil headquarter by the British in 1881 and functioned as a subdivision of Jehlum district for more than a century when it was awarded the status of district in 1985.The District has a total population of 1083725 spread over four subdivisions of Chakwal , Talagang ,Choa Saiden Shah and Kallar Kahar with further subdivision into 68 union councils. 88% of the whole population resides in rural areas where as the district has an area of 6524 square kilometers .The district can boast of rich mineral reserves in the form of oil & gas , coal , salt ,lime stone and marble
The district is emerging as hub for cement production where industry is flourishing at a fast pace. Military service is the cherished career for the youth but a considerable number is pursuing multi-disciplinary higher education also. The current literacy rate of the district is estimated to be 76% which confers upon it the status of 6 most literate district in the Punjab and 11 in Pakistan.


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