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Mandi Baha ud Din District (M. B. Din)

District Mandi Baha ud Din has three tehsils (sub-divisions); Phalia, Malikwal and Mandi Baha ud Din itself. Other important towns of M.B. Din are Chillianwala, Dhok Kasib, Gujra, Helan, Kathyala Sheikhan, Mangat, Mong, Paharianwala, Qadirabad, Rasul, Wasu and Sohawa.
Formerly it was a tehsil of district Gujrat. Punjabi is the major language of Mandi Bahauddin. A famous and historical “Battle of the Hydaspes River” was fought between Alexander The Great and Raja Porus at Khiwa, a town now a days in M.B. Din. MANDI BAHAUDDIN is in the province of Punjab Pakistan. Nearby Important and Famous Cities are Jhelum, Gujrat, Hafizabad and Sargodha.
Major tribes in M.B. Din are Jat, Gujar, Rajput, Syed, Arain and Mughal.
A View of Boating in River Jhelum near Rasul Barrage

  1. Government Degree College for Girls and Boys
  2. Government College of Technology, Rausl
  3. Royal Multimedia & Computer College
  4. District Jinnah Public School & College

  1. Ghazali School System Helan
  2. National Model School Wasu
  3. Moon Cadet Model School Khursheed Abad

Hospitals and Clinics in MANDI BAHAUDDIN:
  • DHQ Hospital M.B. Din
  • AlShifa Hospital
  • Family Hospital
  • Alwi Hospital
Shah Taj Sugar Mill is leading industry of district.

Newspapers and Radio Stations in MANDI BAHAUDDIN:
  • Hamara FM Mandi Bahauddin FM 98 Radio Station
  • Daily Alaaqa M.B. Din
  • Daily Awaz M.B. Din
  • Daily Aina-e-Inqalab M.B. Din
Mian Waheed ud Din Park and Railway Road Park are the main parks in M.B. Din.

Hotels, Restaurants and Marriage Halls in MANDI BAHAUDDIN:
  • Unique Guest House M.B. Din
  • 7 Ways Guest House and Hotel
  • Green Hotel
  • Eman Marriage Hall
  • Koh-e-Noor Marriage Hall
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