Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kashmore District

History of KASHMORE:
In 2004 Kashmore was separated from Jacobabad district and it was given the status of district of Sindh Province.
Kashmore is located on a point where the boundaries of three provinces; Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan met. So geographically it is a very important district.

Tehsils (Talukas) of Kashmore District:
Kashmore has three sub divisions or talukas:

  1. Kashmore

  2. Kandhkot

  3. Tangwani
While Bakhshapur is another big town of Kashmore.

Guddu Barrage Kashmore:
A famous barrage, Guddu Barrage is located in Kashmore.

Nearby Cities of Kashmore:
Jacobabad, Rajanpur, Shikarpur, Dera Bugti, Ghotki and Sukkar are the nearby cities of Kashmore and it share boundaries to these districts.

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