Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Khanqah Sirajia- Hadhrat Khwaja Khan Muhammad Sahib

KHANQAH SIRAJIA (Hazrat Khwaja Khan Muhammad Sahib)
Khanqah Sirajia is famous due to Hadhrat/Hazrat Khwaja Khan Muhammad Sahib (Ameer, Aalami Majlis Tuhaffaz e Khatam e Nubuwwat, Pakistan). Hadhrat Khawaja Khan Muhammed (db) is the Chief Patron (Ameer) of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz e khatme Nabuwwat.
The age of Khawaja Khan Muhammad sahib is about 90 years. He was born in 1920.

The shajrah of Hazrat Mawlana Khuwaja Khan Muhammad Sahib (db) goes as:
Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Ma'soom (rah)
Hazrat Shaikh Safuddin (rah)
Hazrat Sayeed Noor Muhammad Badayooni (rah)
Hazrat Shamsuddin Habibullah Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaa Shahid (rah)
Hazrat Mawlana Syeedna Abdullah known as Hazrat Ghulam Ali Dehlwi (rah)
Hazrat Shah Abu Saeed Dehlwi (rah)
Hazrat Shah Ahmed Saeed (rah)
Hazrat Haji Dost Muhammad Qandahari (rah)
Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Uthman (rah)
Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Sirajuddin (rah)
Hazrat Mawlana Abu Sa'ad Ahmed Khan (rah)
Hazrat Mawlana Muhammad Abdullah (rah)
Hazrat Mawlana Khawaja Khan Muhammad (db)

History of Khanqah Sirajia:
Khanqah was established in 1920~1922 by Maulana Abu Saad Ahmed Khan Sahib. Name of Khanqah Sirajia was named after the name of Khawaja Haji Muhammad Siraj ud Din Sahib. Hadrat Khawaja Khan Muhammad Sahib is the In-charge of Khanqah Sirajia since 1956. Khanqah Sirjia is one of the oldest khanqah of Sufi Order (Silsila) Naqashbandia Mujadadia in Pakistan.
A beautiful Masjid, Madrassah, Khanqah and Libray are present in this village of Kundian Mianwali. This village played a key role in the Khatam e Nabuwwat Movement. Village Khanqah Sirajia is also called as the Markaz e Sirajia.

Photo of Masjid at Khanqah Sirajia:

There is also a Markaz of Faizan-e-Madina of Dawat-e-Islami in the village of Khanqah Sirajia.

How to Reach in Khanqah Sirajia:
Khanqah Sirajia Village is situated on the shore of Chashma Jhelum Link Canal on Indus River in Tehsil Piplan District Mianwali. Kundian is a nearest famous town. Khanqah Sirajia is located on Mianwali- Dera Ismail Khan Road about 20 km away from Mianwali. Chashma Lake is a famous tourism spot near Khanqah Sirajia. There is also a Small Railway Station in Khanqah Sirajia.


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