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Sialkot is a city and district of Pakistani Punjab. Sialkot has exported about 3.5 million footballs for FIFA Football World Cup 2010. The approximate value of these footballs is about 5.2 million US$. Recently Sialkot came into news when Captain of Pakistan Criocket Team Shoaib Malik of Sialkot married with Indian Tennis Star Sania Malik of Indian Hyderabad.

Industrial Products and Exports of Sialkot:
Sialkot is famous for its leather goods which are not only used in Pakistan but also exported to the world. But it will be interesting to know that Sialkot also produces many other goods of high quality including sports goods and surgical equipments. Sialkot produces and exports mainly
Footballs, Cricket Bats, Hockeys...
Sports wear, Boxing gloves...
Leather Jackets, Leather Bags, Leather Belts...
Surgical Instruments of Orthopedic, Dental, Veternary...
Musical Instruments e.g. Drums, Guitars and Pianos...

Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL):
Sialkot International Airport and Sambrial Dryport are two mega projects which are made by the local industrialists of Sialkot.

Sialkot Lahore Motorway:
A 6 lane motorway from Lahore to Sialkot is also under consideration of Government. After completing of this Motorway, Lahore will be at a travel of 50 minutes from Sialkot.

Famous Personnalities of Sialkot:
  1. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Shaer-e-Mashriq
  2. Imam Ali-ul-Haq (Imam Sahib), Religious Scholar
  3. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Pakistan Movement
  4. Amjad Islam Amjad, Poet and Writer
  5. Asghar Sodai, Poet
  6. Dr. Muhammad Tabish
  7. Chaudhary Naseer Ahmed Malhi, Member All India Muslim League
  8. Khawaja Asif (PML-N)
  9. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan
  10. Zaheer Abbas, Cricketer
  11. Ejaz Ahmed, Cricketer
  12. Shoaib Malik, Cricketer
  13. Asif Bajwa, Hockey Player
  14. Kuldip Nayyar, Indian Journalist also born in Sialkot
Famous Educational Institutes
  1. University of Engineering and Technology (Planned with cooperation of Sweden)
  2. Fatima Jinnah Women University
  3. Campus of VirtualUniversity of Pakistan (VU)
  4. Murray College
  5. 8 Degree Colleges for Women and 5 for Men
  6. 6 Commerce Colleges
  7. 2 Cadet Colleges
  8. 1 Law and 1 Medical College
Fm Radio Stations and Newspapers in Sialkot:
Radio Burraq (FM 104) and Radio Sialkot (FM 101) are two radio stations in Sialkot. Daily Taqat and Daily Sialkot are two famous newspapers of Sialkot.

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