Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okara City and District

History of OKARA:

Okara is a famous city of Pakistan in Punjab province. Okara is a planned city and present city was built during Britain Rule. Okara is a historical city and it has many archeological remains of British, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus eras. Okara has famous Military Dairy Farms since British Raj.
Name of Okara is derived from a word “Okaan” which is name of a tree.
Okara District is located about 110km away from Lahore on Lahore-Multan Road. Sahiwal, Kasur, Lahore, Pakpattan, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad and Bahawalnagar are the other nearest districts.

District Okara has three tehsils:

  1. Okara

  2. Depalpur

  3. Renala Khurd
Approximate population of OKARA is 2,232,992 according to 1998 census.
Area of OKARA is 11,880 km²

Education in OKARA:

Okara district has 12 degree colleges, 05 higher secondary schools, 142 secondary schools, 155 middle schools, 1257 primary schools and 469 Masjid schools for both male and female students. Above mentioned data is only showing government institutes, there are also many private schools and colleges in Okara.

OKARA Police:

To know about Okara Police, visit:

Major crops of OKARA:
Potato, Sugarcane, Wheat, Rice and Maize are main crops of Okara & Oranges and Mangoes are main fruits farmed in the district of Okara.
Mitchels Fruit Farms are also located in a tehsil of Okara, Renala Khurd.

Interestingly, Okara is also used for a food type of Soya Pulp which is extracted from soybean.

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