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History of MIANWALI
Mianwali, Isa Khel and Piplan are three Tehsils (sub-divisions) of this district. In past, Mianwali was a part of Bannu District of NWFP. But now MIANWALI is a district of Punjab Pakistan. Chashma Barrage, Kundian and Kala Bagh are big towns. Waan Bacharaan, Khanqah Sirrajia, Kacha Gujrat, Hurnoli, Alluwali, Mosa Khel, Shadia are also famous villages. Niazi is the main tribe living in Mianwali, Malik and Jatt are also prominent. Seraiki is the language of Mianwali.
Mianwali is the part of Thal Desert.

Ø Nearby Important and Famous Cities are: Lakki Marwat, Kohat, Karak, D. I. Khan, Attock, Khushab and Bhakkar.

Area of MIANWALI is 5840 km²

Namal University, Mianwali

Tourism Spots in MIANWALI
Namal Lake, Chashma Lake and Chashma Barrage (on Indus/ Sindh River)

Namal University Mianwali is another masterpiece of Imran Khan after Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital. Namal College is an Associated College of Bradford University, UK.

Hospitals and Clinics in MIANWALI
PAF Hospital (PAF Airbase), Mianwali District Hospital and PAEC Hospital, Chashma Barrage are major medical facilities.

Railway Stations in MIANWALI
Kundian is a railway junction and a railway station in Mianwali city is also present.

Famous Politicians of MIANWALI:
Nawab of Kala Bagh Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (Ex Governor West Pakistan) and Imran Khan (Ex Crickter and Chairman Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan) belong to Mianwali.

Famous Actors/ Actress/ Singers/ Models/ Artists and Showbiz Personalities of MIANWALI
Ata Ullah Khan Isa Khelvi belongs to Mianwali.

Un-Employment has been resolved in the area due to CHASNUPP PAEC and Pakistan Air Force.

Matrimonial/ Marriage Centers in MIANWALI
Literacy Rate in MIANWALI
Major crops of MIANWALI
Hotels and Restaurants in MIANWALI
Culture of MIANWALI
Schools in MIANWALI
Government Offices in MIANWALI
Ambulance Services in MIANWALI
Famous Writers, Poets, Journalists, Compares and Columnist of MIANWALI
Roads and Transportation in MIANWALI
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Shopping Centers/ Plazas/ Markets and Bazaars in MIANWALI

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