Wednesday, January 26, 2011


History of PHALIA:
Phalia is a Tehsil of District Mandi Baha ud Din. Phalia is located on main Gujrat- Sargodha Road. It is situated about 52 km from Gujrat, 20 km from Mandi Baha ud Din and about 120 km from Sargodha. Phalia is situated between two main roads of Pakistan; GT Road and Motorway M-2.
Phalia is situated at 32.43 N latitude and 73.58 E longitude.
PHALIA was founded by Alexander the Great.
Approximate population of PHALIA is 30,000 and Phalia is 263rd largest city of Pakistan by population.

Famous Villages and Towns of Phalia are:
Pahrianwali, Jokalian, Dhoul, Maken, Raikey, Ghanian, Dherekan, Bhagat, Sarang, Helan, Haigarwala, Pindi Kalu, Chak Jano, Chak Mano, Charanwala, Narang, Long, Asad Ullah Pur, Kamonkay, Seeray,

Universities, Colleges and Institutes in PHALIA:
There are two government colleges in Phalia; one for men and other for women,

Schools in PHALIA:
There are many government schools for both males and females students and a lot of private schools and colleges in Phalia.
Ghazali Model School Phalia is very much famous school in Phalia.

Major crops of PHALIA: Rice, Wheat and Sugar Cane are main crops of Phalia. Shah Taj Sugar Mills and Phalia Sugar Mills are two main mills of this area, provides employment to masses.

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