Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kasur District

District Kasur:
Kasur is a district of Punjab. Sometimes it is also written as Qasur or Kasoor. Earlier Kasur was a tehsil of Lahore district and it got the status of district in 1976. Kasur is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. Three famous rivers of Punjab (Ravi, Sutlej and Beas) flow in district Kasur. Lahore, Okara and Sheikhupura districts are neighborhood districts of Kasur District. It is located on the Pakistan-India Border.
Approximate population of District Kasur is over 3 million.
Area of District Kasur is 3995 km².
District Kasur consisted upon 4 tehsils:
Tehsil Kasur
Tehsil Chunian
Tehsil Pattoki
Tehsil Kot Radha Kishen

Tourism Spots in Kasur:
Kasur Museum
Kasur City Park
Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah
Changa Manga Forest (Largest Artificial Jungle of Pakistan)
Balloki Head Works

Famous Gifts of Kasur:
Kasuri Methi (a Spice)
Kasuri Falooda

Major Tribes/Castes in Kasur :
Bhatti, Mayo, Jatt, Gujjar, Pathan, Ansari, Malik, Arain, Rajput, Dogar, and Sheikh are major tribes who are living here from generations.

Sufi Poets of Kasur:
Sufi poet Hadhrat Abdullah Shah (also known as Baba Bulleh Shah or Baba Bullhay Shah)
Sufi Baba Kamal Chishti
Sufi Baba Imam Shah Bukhari
Fairs and Urs on all these shrines are celebrated every year.

Musicians and Singers of Kasur:
Noor Jehan (Malka-e-Tarannum)
Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
Ustad Amanat Ali Khan

Politicians of Kasur:
Khursheed Ahmed Kasuri
Ahmad Raza Khan Kasuri

Baba Bulleh Shah of Kasur
Baba Bulleh Shah is a very famous Sufi Poet and Saint. He is not only respected by Muslims but also by Sikhs and Hindus. His real name is Abdullah Shah and he born in 1680 in Uch Sharif Bahawalpur. Then he migrated to Kasur with his parents where he lived most of his life.
Shah Inayat Qadri was his spiritual teacher and leader.

Noor Jehan of Kasur:
Malka e Tarannum Noor Jehan was born in Kasur in 1926. Her real name was Allah Wasai. She died in year 2000. Noor Jahan is a legendary actress and singer in whole sub-continent (Pakistan and India).

Newspapers and Radio Stations in Kasur:
Flare FM99 and FM 90 are two radio stations in Kasur.


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