Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pahar Pur Layyah

Pahar pur is a famous town of Layyah district. Population of Paharpur is about 55,000. Area is about 2 km². It is situated on north border of layyah district.
There are two Police check posts. About 50% of Mangoes produced in district layyah are produced by Pahar pur.
Pahar Pur Layyah's Photo

The main tribes of Pahar pur are Kalroo, Rajpoot, Sohya, Gujjar, Teli and Syed
There is a railway station , a Habib bank branch and two government high schools are in Pahar Pur.

Sender: Suhaib Faiz of Pahar Pur Layyah

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