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History of Faisalabad:

Faisalabad is 3rd largest and city and also 3rd richest district of Pakistan. It is one of three planned city of Pakistan. Faisalabad is called as Manchester of Pakistan. It is a city-district of Punjab. In 1880, a British Army Officer proposed a new town, with a design based on the Union Jack, with eight roads radiating from a large clock tower in the centre. The eight roads developed into eight separate bazaars. Sir Charles James Lyall, Lieutenant Governor of Punjab founded Lyallpur/ Faisalabad in 1892. In 1896, Lyallpur (Faisalabad) was a tehsil of Jhang District. In 1902 Jutts from Sialkot migrated for agricultural purpose to newly developed town of Faisalabad. In 1904 Lyallpur/ Faisalabad was given the status of district. Quaid e Azam came in Faisalabad in 1943 to deliver a public speech.

In 1977 Lyallpur was named as Faisalabad after the name of Saudi King Faisal. In 1985 Faisalabad was given a status of a division. In 2005, Faisalabad was recognized as City-District. City-District of Faisalabad comprises upon 8 towns (Lyallpur Town, Madina Town, Jinnah Town, Iqbal Town, Chak Jhumra Town, Jaranwala Town, Samundri Town, Tandlianwala Town).

Manchester UK (in 1997) and Kobe Japan (in 2000) are recognized as Sister Cities of Faisalabad.

Old names of Faisalabad are Lyallpur, Sandalbar and Chenab Colony
Hafizabad, Chiniot, Nankana Sahib, Sahiwal, Toba Tek Singh and Jhang are neighboring districts of Faisalabad. Faisalabad is connected to Lahore, Islamabad, Sargodha and Sheikhupura via network of roads (Motorway/Highway). It has also railway track.

Richest man of Pakistan, Mian Mansha also belongs to Faisalabad.

Area of Faisalabad is 1280 km²

Tourism Spots and Famous Recreational Places in Faisalabad:
Clock Tower Faisalabad
Jinnah Garden/ Company Bagh Faisalabad
Happy Land Water Park Faisalabad
Chenab Club Faisalabad
Faisalabad Arts Council
Gumti Faisalabad
Funland Faisalabad

Stadiums in Faisalabad:
Iqbal Cricket Stadium
Allama Iqbal Stadium
Hockey Stadium
FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Corporation) comprises Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakker, T.T Singh and Chiniot Districts.

Major crops of Faisalabad are cotton, wheat, sugarcane, gram.

Exports from Faisalabad: Faisalabad exports textile products, garments, hosiery, knitwear,


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